Jay & Evelyn Larsen of Contrary Robot

Our Story

Jay and Evelyn are a lucky couple. They learned a long time ago to stop worrying about everything and to focus on the things that they genuinely enjoy. In other words, they have stopped freaking and started geeking.

Jay draws and paints geeky stuff like robots and spaceships (mostly in watercolor and ink) and Evelyn is a sewing superhero, making bags, skirts, corsets, etc.  They have a big Contrary Robot Lab where they document their encounters with historical and contemporary Contrary Robots.  The Lab is also where they make their geeky art products before unleashing them on the world.

Now you can share in the discovery and creation of Contrary Robots. Check out the Larsen's original art, prints, cards, bags and other gear here on this website.  Join them on Facebook orCheck the Events page to see where you can meet up face-to-face.  And if you spot any wild robots be sure and let them know...

Questions: email us at info@contraryrobot.com

Contrary Robot is a LarsenGeekery brand.
(c) 2012--2016, Jay and Evelyn Larsen